We are excited to announce our latest WebCEO Release Updates, designed to streamline your SEO and website management tasks like never before! 

Discover what’s new in our Traffic Analysis, Rank Tracking, Site Audit, and more, with major improvements like Automatic Sitemap Generation and an Enhanced Site Health Report.

Site Health

Internal Links: significant upgrade of the Site Structure report.

The Site Structure report will now show you all pages of your site including pages with redirects, meta refresh, server issues, etc.

In addition to the title, description and H1 tag columns that you used to rely on, we’ve added H2 – H4, Status code, Redirects to, Canonical, Tags and Keywords columns:

The Site Structure report has obtained new filters, so now you can sort the data by folders, by pages and by status code.

In combination with a new search option, this provides an opportunity for much deeper analysis.

The Landing page URLs in the report are now clickable and you can mark a page as a Landing page right from the Site Structure report as well as edit its settings.

From now on, we store the results of every site structure scan. This allows you to overview and compare the folders and pages statistics at any moment.

The data and filters are available in the convenient tiles at the top of the report. The names of the tiles are Total canonical pages, Total scanned pages, Total folders.

Sitemap Generation: automatic sitemap indexation.

Great news!

We’ve automated the sitemap generation and submission of the new pages of your site.  Feel free to create a link to your sitemap file that we’re hosting on our servers.

The sitemap file will be updated automatically and indexed by search engine crawlers fast. You won’t need to perform any additional actions.

Landing Page SEO: auto-refresh for the monthly search data.

We now show the number of Global/Local searches for your keywords automatically for the On-Page Issues Keyword placement map.

Starting today you do not have to rescan the report to see the fresh numbers.

Keyword Research

A new filter to manage data more effectively.

Get Suggestions and Spy on Competitors reports now have a new Word count filter that helps you find keywords with the proper length faster:

GA 4

Google Analytics UA permanent removal, Sessions column and new predefined periods are now shown in reports.

We switched the Google Analytics Tracking id for our White Label customers to GA4 as Google Analytics (UA) will no longer be available after July 1, 2024.

Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads reports and widgets have been enhanced with more time periods which will speed up your work as you can display the desired date range quickly and select the period to compare with one click.

The new predefined time periods are: This week, Last week , This month , Last 90 days, This quarter and Last quarter.  

Google Search Console Top pages report has obtained a useful Sessions column powered by Google Analytics 4 data.You can add or remove it via the Manage columns button.

Rank Tracking

A new by page filter to fast-track your job.

Detailed and By Page reports of the Rank Tracking tool have gained a useful filter that allows displaying the data by URL:

Also, Competitor Metrics > Rankings Overview and Competitor Rankings > Competitor Overview reports have obtained new filters to let you refine your PDF Reports and make them more precise.

Besides, in the name of a search engine that you track, we now show if a SafeSearch mode is active for it.


Home page Trust Flow and Home page Citation Flow data added.

We’ve included the Home page Trust Flow and Home page Citation Flow data in the Project’s Key Metrics widget at your request:

Final Word

WebCEO is more than just a platform; it’s a partner in your digital marketing efforts, offering tools and insights to help you achieve excellence.

Explore the new features today and discover how they can amplify your SEO. If you haven’t yet tried the WebCEO platform, now is an excellent time to start.

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