The new and improved Google Places for Business dashboard is now available for new signups in the USA, UK and Ireland. If you are an existing Google Places for Business user, do not create new pages for listings that already exist, just continue using Google Places for Business or Google+ as you were.

Foursquare has added new search filters that allow Android and iOS users to make very specific searches, filtering by price, locations where users have or haven’t checked in before, locations ‘friends have checked in’, if a location is ‘open now’ and if a location is ‘offering specials’.

Google now lets you search for your photos. This works only when you are logged into your Google account and have photos and/or friends with photos in your circles. To try it out, sign in and search for “my photos” or “my photos of food”. You can also try out this feature on Google+ Photos.

Keeping up with these changes and optimizing your SEO strategy accordingly is crucial. WebCEO’s Online SEO Tools can help you adapt to these updates, ensuring your SEO tactics remain effective.

Google continues to ask people to help them remove spam websites from the SERPs, if you still see spammy websites coming up in the Google search results, let Google know.

Google has introduced a new version of AdWords Editor. The latest version of AdWords Editor gives you more ways to make bulk changes to your enhanced PPC campaigns. In addition, keyword performance metrics in Display Network campaigns are available on the Keywords tab. Performance statistics by targeted location are available in the Locations tab; and audiences, placements and topics stats in Editor now reflect the data you see in your AdWords accounts.