Selecting the ideal SEO tools has always been challenging, especially with an overwhelming number of options claiming to be the ‘best.’ What distinguishes a genuinely beneficial tool, however, is its uniqueness and its capacity for unearthing fresh SEO opportunities that others might overlook. 

Today’s article aims to take you on a guided tour of the toolkit, specifically engineered to deliver actionable insights that empower you to make data-backed decisions. These are not just insights; they’re your new arsenal in the driver’s seat of your SEO strategy.

Find The Most Profitable Keywords

Keyword research isn’t just a task; it’s a fundamental aspect of SEO that serves as the blueprint for your entire campaign. Without keyword research, your SEO strategy would lack direction, making it difficult to target the right audience and achieve your objectives.

The concept is simple: identify the words or phrases people will likely type into search engines when looking for content, products, or services like yours. However, not all keywords are equal. You want to target those high in search volume but low in competition—what we call “high-value keywords.” These are the gems that WebCEO’s Keyword Tool is specifically designed to unearth.

It doesn’t just throw a random list of keywords at you; it gives you data-backed suggestions tailored to your specific industry and target audience. With metrics like the Keyword Effectiveness Index and Global monthly searches, you can prioritize which keywords are worth pursuing and which are better left untouched.

the Keyword Effectiveness Index and Global monthly searches

The Search Trends feature enables you to track the popularity of specific keywords over time, offering insights into which terms could be valuable to incorporate into your website’s content during certain periods.

The Search Trends feature

In addition, you can use Average Cost Per Click value to understand the average price that advertisers historically have paid for a keyword’s bid and Bid competition to evaluate how many advertisers are bidding for a particular keyword.

Average Cost Per Click; Bid competition

Enter an initial keyword, and instantly, you’re presented with a comprehensive list of keywords, ready to be deployed or further analyzed.

A simple click on any listed keyword unveils a detailed roster of related keywords, streamlining the process of building a robust and diverse keyword portfolio.


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Gain a Link Mass by Spying on Competitors’ Backlinks

In the intricate dance of SEO, link building emerges as one of the most influential factors driving website visibility and ranking. In an ecosystem where authority and trust are paramount, these links are your currency, serving as tangible proof of the quality and relevance of your content. 

WebCEO’s Backlink Tool uses backlink data from Majestic, one of the most esteemed providers in the industry. One of the perks of choosing WebCEO is that you won’t need to create an extra paid account in Majestic – all necessary data is included in the cost of your service plan.

How to get more backlinks with the WebCEO platform?

You can start with the Competitor Backlink Spy tool, a resource designed to identify potential linking opportunities. Input your competitors’ URLs, and discover valuable websites that are currently linking to them and might be interested in linking to your site as well.

competitor backlink SPY

In the report, you can see the total number of potential backlinks for your website and use filters to find exactly what you need.

Competitor Baclkink spy filters

You can choose how many backlinks you will see from each competitor via the settings.

backlink spy settings

Use the Content Submission tool to achieve valuable backlinks from directories. 

Be found by potential local customers on the sites they use:

  1. Submit your website to the best hand-picked local sites and directories.
  2. Promote your blog in blog search engines and RSS feed directories.
  3. Publish your content to photo & video sharing sites, infographic communities, and bookmarking websites.
content submission

The Content Submission tool supports seven search engines that accept automatic submissions. Besides, you can submit to directories, Local search engines, eCommerce, Content, Blog, and PPC engines that accept manual submissions. 

Finally, you can check Web Buzz Monitoring to know when someone talks about your business or industry in a blog or in the news and grow your own authority in the industry. Step into the discussion and get new relevant links and targeted traffic to your site.

web buzz monitoring

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Keep an Eye on Your Backlinks

Discover fresh link opportunities and retain them effectively. Stay informed with real-time alerts if linking domains remove backlinks, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

The Lost Backlinks report diligently tracks the health of your backlink profile, notifying you of any vanished external links, their location, removal time, anchor text, and authority level. 

Maintain command over your backlinks and strategically determine whether to pursue the reinstatement of the lost ones.

lost backlinks

Push Your Competitors’ Weak Points  

In the sophisticated chess game of digital marketing, understanding your competitors is not just advantageous – it’s essential.

Winning in this sophisticated chess game of digital marketing hinges on your ability to think two steps ahead, anticipate your adversaries’ moves, and turn insights into actionable strategies with precision and agility.

Your arsenal should be equipped with a meticulous analysis of competitors’ keyword allocations, content quality, backlink profiles, and user engagement strategies. The main aim of your competitive analysis is to predict where your competitors may outrank you and fine-tune your marketing strategy to avoid this.

WebCEO’s Competitor Metrics Tool allows you to observe the intricate tapestry of your competitors’ online performance with the quiet, discerning gaze of a hawk. You won’t need to switch between tools. You will have everything in one place!

The Competitor Metrics report unveils a wealth of insights, making it easy to understand how your website is doing compared to others. 

One quick look at the Traffic column lets you easily see how much organic traffic your website has versus your competitors. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find out the exact number of visitors your competitors get. The report presents approximate data collected from multiple open sources.

trafic metrics

Adjacent to this, the Link Profile unfurls another layer of competitive intelligence and shows you how to improve your backlink profile to outrank your competitors. Pay attention to the following parameters of your competitors: Domain Trust Flow, Domain Citation Flow, Moz Domain Authority, and Moz Page Authority.

link prof param

The Social Citations graph opens your ears in every corner of the social media room! It gives you a sneak peek into how often your competitors are getting mentioned on Facebook pages.
Analyzing social media mentions is a gateway to understanding the public’s perception and the sentiment surrounding your brand and competitors. Each mention, positive or negative, paints a picture of customer satisfaction, product quality, and overall reputation.

Social citiations


So there you have it. You’re now equipped with the tools and insights to be the James Bond of the digital marketing world. 

With a dash of spy-level intelligence and a sprinkle of savvy, watch as your SEO strategies transform, allowing you to not just keep up with the Joneses but leave them wondering, “How do they do it?”

Armed with insights and a touch of espionage, you’re not just in the game – you’re changing it.

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