We’re happy to announce major updates to our suite of tools designed to supercharge your digital marketing efforts. Dive into the latest advancements in Traffic Analysis, Rank Tracking, Site Health, and more, all refined to provide you with unparalleled insights. Keep reading to discover how these updates can transform your strategies!

1. Traffic Analysis

Google Ads (GA4) and Google Analytics (GA4) are now fully featured tools.

We completed testing Google Analytics 4. All tools under “Traffic Analysis” are not in Beta anymore!

The new Demographics report is now available. It will be useful for developing an overview of your customer base. The new report contains three sub-reports: Country, Town/City, and Language.

2. Rank Tracking

Rank Tracking reports have acquired new essential data, which can be adjusted via the Manage columns button. The new figures are Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI), Average cost per click, Bid competition, and Search Trends.

Also, we’ve added new SERP features: Jobs, Shopping, Recipes, Tweets, and Site links for you to track.

3. Site Health

We implemented the ability to scan a custom set of your site pages. You can specify masks, subfolders, your sitemap, individual pages, or a combination of these and run the check.

4. Keyword Research

The Keyword Research Get Suggestions report is getting more beneficial with a new Avg. Position column.

It displays your rankings for the suggested keywords and brings you a better picture of the keyword effectiveness, which allows you to prioritize quickly.

5. User Manager for White Label Domains

User Roles settings now allow you to manage the columns in the All Projects dashboard of your users. Select among Standard, Compact, and Extended views and go deeper to configure the columns with data that you would like your clients to see when they logon via your white label domain.

With these latest enhancements, from detailed demographic insights to advanced keyword research capabilities, you’re now equipped to reach new heights in digital marketing. Embrace the power of precision and see your projects thrive.

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