When it comes to selling SEO services, remember that SEO is not a piece of cake at all. You can’t sell SEO like a burger at McDonald’s. SEO is not what one can taste, smell or touch. SEO can only be witnessed in the top positions of search engines, in an increased traffic flow and when the phone rings off the hook all day long.

It would be difficult to build an attractive and exclusive sales pitch of a value proposition of your SEO service, because it can’t be evaluated asap. If you want to be listened to, your value proposition should not be focused on a snake oil sales pitch like a “100 hundred backlinks for $50 only”.  A good SEO value proposition would be the one that covers the solution to a specific prospect’s problem. Remember to keep it uncomplicated, non-jargonized (don’t stuff your offer with SEO terms) and straight to the point.

A good SEO service starts when… In this SlideShare presentation we featured 3 triggered SEO techniques which will help you pitch the value of your SEO service proposition and will provide a good starting point for a conversation with your leads.