Good news for local SEO providers. Google has rolled out new features for the bulk location management tool to make your experience even better.

Now the status of each location on the Maps is included. It’ll help you to tell at a glance which locations are live, unverified, have errors or data conflicts, are duplicates, or are pending review.


(click on the image to see a full-size version)

The Data conflicts interface is updated. Now you can see what is live on Google, and which field is different from what’s in your dashboard. From there, you’ll be able to take action.

Social features are automatically enabled for all verified accounts. To use social features, like making a post, just hover over Live in the status column and click on the Google+ icon.

Each Google Places page will now have only one verified owner. That is great because this ensures that multiple verified users for the same location are not automatically overwriting each other’s business information. You will be able to assign manager access to other accounts to share the responsibility of updating data or posting social content.

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