WebCEO’s Big Update: Google Ads, SEO Teamwork, New Reports

Tired of working with lots of different tools and Google Services accounts just to get this or that statistic and then spend dozens of hours analyzing everything? Good News: WebCEO just released an update to the WebCEO platform that lets you:

  • Analyze data from Google Ads;
  • Create and assign tasks for your own SEO team inside the WebCEO platform;
  • Explore Backlink Historical Graphs and Your Outgoing “Backlinks” to other websites;
  • Organize your use of the Keyword Research tools by managing keyword sources;
  • See an improved interface for mobile devices!

The WebCEO platform continues to integrate with necessary data driven services, especially 4 of the most popular Google Services: Website data you can now work with in WebCEO includes the number of users (current and new), Impressions, Sessions, CTR, Conversions, CPC, Clicks, Competitor Traffic, and so on. Our set of marketing (SEO) tools saves our customers a lot of time and helps them scan, assemble and transfer tons of numbers, generated daily, into a simple SEO report.

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1.  Get the Most Holistic Google Data on Your Website Performance

To provide users with the basic and full-scale data on how their websites perform in SERPs, we’ve integrated WebCEO with the tools which give users the most essential details on their traffic: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Pagespeed Insights and Google my Business! This time, we’ve added Google Ads to the list!

Let’s see what data you will be able to get once you’ve become a member of the WebCEO community!

Integration with Google Analytics


Data you will be able to work with on our platform:

  • Traffic from Different Channels: analyze your traffic, conversions and user behavior on your website to develop a successful marketing strategy to increase traffic from the sources which are falling behind by figures;
  • Social Traffic from 15+ Social Platforms: you will be able to see which of the platforms give substantial amounts of traffic and how profitable it is to use them, based on goals you’ve created in Google Analytics:
  • Traffic Efficiency: track your traffic by users, bounces, goals and commerce index. With charts that are extremely comfortable for analysis, you will see your traffic fluctuations depending on the sources you’ve chosen to monitor;
  • Traffic by country, city and language: it’s important to see where your target audience lives and what language it speaks. With WebCEO you will see where you get most of your customers from, based on your goals and how they behave on your website.

Track and Analyze Your Traffic with WebCEO

Integration with Google Search Console

  • As you can see in the screenshot, WebCEO’s integration with Google Search Console gives you a lot of ways to conduct an in-depth analysis of your keyword performance.
  • Without going to the original platform you’ll get detailed and general SEO reports on your keywords as to Clicks, Impressions, CTR and their average global position over the past 30 days in different types of search results: web, image, video.
  • You will also be able to see a list of your most popular pages, countries and devices, sorted by where you get the most clicks, impressions and CTR from.
  • An unlimited number of PDF and CSV reports are available for all of our users.

Get Wholesome Statistics on Your Website Performance

The WebCEO SEO Analysis Tool


Page speed is one of the major search engine ranking factors. WebCEO followed the trend and gave users the opportunity to be prepared. Besides showing how fast your website is, you will get instructions on solving any issues.

In our tool you will also see how you have been performing through time via the Trend Over Time chart:


All of this is presented to the audience in easy to read charts.

Integration with Google Business Profile


One of the most important tools for local businesses couldn’t be missed by WebCEO!

  • The WebCEO Google Business Profile Module will show you general statistics on your performance in local search results.
  • Reviews must be considered a major part of any local marketing campaign. Businesses try to gain more and more positive reviews. The key point here is not only to receive them, but to reply to them as well. With WebCEO you will be able to answer all the review comments your various websites have received without leaving the site. There are options to delete any review or edit any of your replies.
  • A unique feature is now on the WebCEO platform: competitors. From now on, you can analyze your local competitors. You will see what businesses are your direct rivals; you will be able to add them to other WebCEO tools within the platform to conduct more in-depth SEO competition analysis. 

Dive Into Precise Local Insights with WebCEO

The WebCEO Google Ads Module

You asked – we developed. Google Ads is an unavoidable service for companies that work with paid advertisements on the SERPs. Taking into account the fact that most SEO oriented companies are also now trying to win the Ads war, we have decided to design a new instrument and respond to the multiple demands of these users. From now on, everyone who is involved in paid promotion will be able to see the results of this in the WebCEO service.


Using our new tool, you will be able to:

  • Analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns depending on your goals;
  • Examine the keyword performance of specific ad groups by such metrics as Impressions, Clicks, CPC, Conversions, etc.
  • Conduct in-depth keyword research: learn what keywords your website was found by and analyze the performance of those you have chosen for your Ad Groups;
  • Monitor your YouTube Video Campaigns depending on your goals.

Inspect Your Google Ads Performance

2.   Get Priceless Data on Your Competitor Performance

Competitors are your best teachers. Analyzing their performance, success and failures, and watching their experiences, you can catch something important for your own website and successfully implement this into your marketing campaign. For this goal, you will need comprehensive and clear data regarding the most important aspects of operating on the web: backlinks, authority, traffic.

Integration with Majestic

To decently withstand your competitors, you will want to get a full profile on their life on the web and connections with other websites. For this, WebCEO has integrated with Majestic, one of the biggest backlink data providers.

You will be able to analyze your competitors’:

  • URL
  • Trust Flow
  • Citation Flow
  • Domain Trust Flow
  • the number of inbound/outbound links
  • Domain Primary Topic, and
  • Topical Trust Flow.

How can this information be helpful and used?

If the data from previous blocks was focused on just analysis, Majestics gives you data that will help you make some first steps in outdoing your rivals:

  • Discover the sites which link to them, create content for them and get new backlinks;
  • Learn new topics that have brought success to your competitors and create new articles, full of fresh data;

Integration with Moz

Moz has introduced Domain Authority and Page Authority metrics to the SEO world. Showing a website’s page popularity (a prediction) on the Internet, these metrics have soon become decisive figures for webmasters during the link building and exchange processes. It’s important to remember that DA and PA are not official metrics. Search engines don’t take them into account while ranking websites in SERPs.


Monitor Your Competitors and Overcome Them Easily

3.  Get Data on Your Social Media Traffic

Although Google doesn’t always consider social media as a ranking factor, these platforms are still important sources of traffic and a means of getting online popularity. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and other platforms are places where people spend a lot of time and are potential customers of your company. WebCEO has integrated with some of the most valuable sources to create a set of Social Analytics Tools:



WebCEO has developed a separate tool for monitoring your performance on Facebook. With the WebCEO Facebook Insights Tool you will be able to analyze:

  • An engagement comparison chart where the performance of your page is compared to that of your competitors;
  • Popular topics for your niche with such metrics as engagement, reactions, shares, comments;
  • Page metrics: numbers on likes, negative feedback, engagement, organic page reach with comparison to the previous time periods;
  • Audience by age, gender, country and language.

Process Your Social Data in Seconds


Pinterest is a social platform with a surprisingly high volume of users, due to its image oriented nature. As with any other platform, you should thoroughly monitor how things work there. WebCEO will help you:

  • Track your Pinterest shares;
  • Analyze your Social citation trend over time;
  • Peek into your competitors’ social citations;
  • Explore traffic from this platform (old and new users, bounce rate, sessions and their duration, conversion rate).

Twitter, News and Blogs

If you want to see where your brand name or target keywords are mentioned, go to the WebCEO Web Buzz Monitoring Tool. You will see articles and tweets with the chosen keywords:


Bonus for SEO Teams: Comfortable and Easy Teamwork

WebCEO has designed a helpful feature for SEO Teams. From now on, each user of the Startup, Corporate and Agency Unlimited Plans will be able to create and manage teams inside the platform. Earlier, this feature was available for White Label users only.

You will get a whole set of opportunities for collaborative work:

  1. Create and control the working process for your company or team no matter where you all are located;
  2. Administer the work of your teammates, assigning tasks for each member individually. You can create your own tasks or choose existing ones from the WebCEO Library of Tasks, set deadlines, designate the tools for each of the tasks, describe the needed goals and actions;
  3. Segregate missions by project;
  4. Monitor the process and level of completion of each task;
  5. Add an unlimited number of teammates for free.

More Useful Features to Enjoy with the June 2020 WebCEO Update

  • Backlink Profile

The new Backlink History report: as you can get from the name of it, now our users will be able to see the history of their backlinks. The number of received backlinks will be shown in the form of a chart, and you will see when other websites linked to yours. Analyzing the specific period of “extra linking’ you will see what type of content/ seasonal offers/etc, attracted a bigger audience so you can produce more of that;

  • Internal Links

With the new report – My External Links – you will see which top-level domains your website links to outwardly. Beyond that, you will see their metrics to analyze the quality of the websites you’re linking out to. At any moment you can delete your links to the sites which have lost their authoritativeness through time on the Internet. 

Final Thoughts

We’ve explained here what types of SEO data you can get working on the WebCEO platform. These numbers from so many different sources are important things for SEO experts to take into account on a constant basis to develop, correct and lead their marketing campaigns.
By using WebCEO, you can forget about having to gather data from multiple services and organizing all this in a single place for hours. WebCEO will do everything for you. All you have to do from your side is to click on the “Scan” button and wait a few minutes to get your consolidated report.

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