What is considered a good click-through rate, exactly? The average CTR across all industries is only slightly under 2%. Any lower than that, or especially if you’re under 1%, definitely gives you a reason to be worried: that’s as critically low as it gets. That is why today we will share with you this infographic, made by Larry Kim of MobileMonkey and Brian Dean of Backlinko. When these big names share their experience in how to improve click-through rates, you know you can trust them.

Here are the important takeaways:

  • Use Google Search Console to identify pages with the lowest CTR. They’ll be the ones to reward you the most when their CTR increases.
  • Emotional, “power” words in titles and descriptions attract users much better than dry, keyword-heavy phrases.
  • Write headlines from the perspective of someone relatable: a friend, a bearer of news, a comedian. Do you have your own favorite persona?
  • Use this recipe for your articles’ titles: a number, the format, an emotional hook, the content type and your subject. Look no further than this post’s title for an example.
  • Facebook posts which receive a lot of clicks are a great source of title ideas.
  • Try out many different variations of the abovementioned format. And make them actually different, in more than just a single word.
  • Make your URLs readable and descriptive instead of random strings of symbols.
  • Keep an eye on ad previews in Google AdWords to see what your PPC ads will look like.

How to Increase Click-Through Rate: Infographic