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SEO Trends for 2020: What to Follow in the Coming Year

2020 is almost here, which means that the time for setting SEO benchmarks and writing to-do lists has come. The beginning of a new year always requires not only a never-ending list of wishes to be fulfilled but also a lot of research, as there is a necessity to learn what will actually be trending over the next 365 days. 

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[Updated] A Full Overview of Google Algorithm Updates

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Google Search Algorithm Updates always were, are, and, we suppose, will be something that strikes some fear into the hearts of webmasters who care about their site rankings. Google plays hardball, webmasters play whack-a-mole.

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What Is Off Page SEO and How Can It Increase Your Rankings?

What do you care about the most when it comes to optimizing your website? No doubt you will say that the site’s appearance matters a lot. Fair enough. On page SEO is essential. They say 8 in 10 of consumers would stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their device. The appearance of your site, its architecture, and the way the content is displayed to the public, play a significant role in present day SEO. Everybody likes nice pictures, this is understandable, so be sure to manage your on page SEO properly.

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Dangerous SEO Tips and Tricks


All of us acknowledge successful SEO techniques that will help websites fight for the highest positions: high quality content, relevant keywords, constant updates, backlinks from websites with a high DA…  Yes, yes, those are great, always required, but…

What about strategies you must not use if you don’t want to go to Hell one day? What about anti-SEO?
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Long Form Content Optimization: Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials


Long form content is that very thing which Google and searchers appreciate a lot and always look forward to see on websites they often visit. Webmasters with blog sections on their websites tend to maintain the performance of their blogs and sometimes go for “educational” long content writing.
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