Seasonal SEO Tips That Will Help You Boost Your Traffic

Last Updated On: February 10, 2017
SEO tips for seasonal marketing

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It’s that time of the year again. The international day of love, the Saint Valentine’s Day is coming next week! With all sorts of drama breaking out on this romantic day, it has its own special meaning for everyone. And digital marketers, with their not-so-romantic but still noble motives, are no exception.

In this modern age, most of the shopping is done online, and Valentine’s Day drives people to buy something nice for their loved ones all the same. It wouldn’t be half as fun otherwise. But online shopping overtaking offline means that digital marketers can’t afford to relax. When a wave of customers is coming after your products, it’s time to whip out the tools, turn your brain on and give your website’s SEO some tuning before it’s too late!

So, if you run an online store, what steps can you take to catch this wave and earn more traffic?

1. Correct Timing Is Key

Question: when do the majority of people stop looking for Valentine’s Day presents? Is “the day after” your answer? Good, here’s someone who knows their stuff. The same is true for every other holiday: as soon as it becomes yesterday news, the stampede of buyers reduces dramatically, and you’ll be lucky if there are any who visit your site. Given the situation, though, calling this “luck” is a bit rich. You’ve let the opportunity slip by! No conversions for you on Valentine’s, and no happiness in love either.

That’s why smart marketers launch their campaign early, when the interest in the trend only starts to build up. Take a look at this graph made in Google Trends. You can see how the number of searches made last year drops like a rock on February 15th, and the tide you want to ride is clearly visible.

"Valentine's Day" search data from 2016

2. Choose Keywords For The Occasion

This one is par for the course. If you are an experienced SEO (and a WebCEO user as well), you already know how to run a keyword research, what tools you need and what kind of keywords will give you an edge. If you forgot, let me refresh your memory: long-tail keywords. Long, specific phrases describing the things that the users want to find online. The closer your keywords match those phrases, the better. Don’t feel shy to use WebCEO’s Keyword Research tool if you need help.

WebCEO's Keyword Research tool's suggestions for "Valentine's Day"

On a related note, do you mainly sell gifts on your website? Because if you don’t, it’s unlikely that adding keywords like “gift for Valentine’s Day earrings” will bring major results. This is where the sites that sell gifts all year round have the upper hand on the market. But if you are one of them, no worries.

One more thing, a marketing lifehack: not only couples shop on the Valentine’s Day. Single people do it too, so you might consider expanding your range of keywords to include them, as well. In other words, research your target audience before researching your keywords.

3. Mobile Optimization Is More Important Than Ever

Give me a moment to put my deerstalker hat on.

It is an established fact that the majority of Internet users nowadays prefer mobile devices over alternatives like PC. From that, we can infer that online purchases are primarily made from mobile devices, too. If we add to our line of logic Google’s policy to index websites’ mobile versions before their desktop counterparts, it will bring us to a simple conclusion: if you want to attract a large audience to your site, optimization for mobile devices is an absolute must. Elementary!

Setting up AMP versions for your website’s pages increases your chances with the customers even greater, thanks to AMP’s ability to load instantly.

4. Use Images And Videos To Show Your Products

This one’s a no-brainer. How will anyone buy from you if they don’t even know what your products look like? But more importantly, here’s an interesting fact about your potential customers: most of them aren’t even sure at first what they want to buy. That’s why gift guides with lots of options in them are so popular, especially when they are in a video format (YouTube is the number one go-to site for online shoppers). So blow the dust off your camera and start shooting.

Don’t forget about optimization:

  • put keywords into filenames and alt tags
  • compress images and videos to make them load faster
  • pick the right dimensions for images

All to provide users with a better experience on your website.

5. Create Appropriately-Themed Landing Pages

Self-explanatory: visitors will enjoy a good-looking page with hearts, cupids or whatever is best suited for the event. This step works best when such pages have already been on your site for years. A URL’s age and its inbound links are advantages not to be discarded, after all. Directing traffic to a freshly made page before time runs out is a tough challenge, so it’s better to re-use your old assets whenever possible. Note that renaming a URL counts as creating a new one! If you absolutely have to update it (for example, change /valentines-2016/ to /valentines-2017/), that’s what the 301 redirects are for.

Once the big day is over and the page has fulfilled its purpose, it would be a good idea to strip it off its content, replace it with something related to the holiday (in this case, St. Valentine-themed) so that it wouldn’t be blank, and let the little hard worker rest until the next year. Unless you don’t mind orders for Valentine’s gifts in the middle of summer.

6. Social Media Is Your Friend

As always, blogs and social networks are allies to anyone who has a business to promote. Especially on holidays and other important days. This is where you stir your grey matter up with chocolate and other unhealthy glucose-containing food and start producing content that will leave the audience in awe! On the precipice of the Saint Valentine’s Day, the world’s most ancient and powerful muse known as Love is twice as generous to those who ask her for inspiration.

7. Can Your Server Handle Incoming Traffic?

As this magical day has plenty in store for everyone who’s willing to participate in its celebration, there’s one surprise you might receive from the Saint Valentine… a server crash.

Seasonal SEO goes in a poof.

Yeah. This can happen when the crowd you’ve attracted is just too big. Unfortunately, “too much traffic” is also a thing. Imagine yourself as the winner, outmatching the competitors, swimming in orders and living your dream, only to lose it all to a server error. The embarrassment!

That’s why it won’t hurt to ensure your server is disaster-ready. Naturally, the sooner you look into everything that could cause problems and take measures, the better your site’s chances to pull through the holiday.


And that’s it for today. Work hard and work well with your SEO, but spare some time for those important to you, as well. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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