It’s a new year, everybody! Today might not seem that much different from yesterday, but we all know real change is slow in taking place. When it does, you find yourself shocked at how sudden it was. That’s how I know 2019 is going to be a completely new page – both in our lives and in what we do. Have you set your work goals already? Then let’s start with an easy question.

SEO vs. PPC: which side are you going to take this year?

Here’s some cold, harsh truth. If you still plan to win the Google ranking game this year, there are two things you will need to do: make good friends with search engine optimization and be in the know of the latest SEO trends. Even now, nearly twenty years into the 21st century, nobody has come up with a better way to stay in the top Google positions long-term. PPC ads, effective as they may be, stop working the moment you quit paying for them… Unlike SEO.

That’s the true beauty of SEO: slow and steady does win the race.

And we, the WebCEO team, want you to win that race. It’s our job to make it real – with our SEO tools and everything else we’ve got. That’s why we are giving you this nice present to celebrate another year with us: an SEO Strategy Guide that will help you master the SEO trends!

Are you curious about what’s inside? Only the steps for everything you need to make your SEO a success.

1. How to find and use the best keywords to get the highest site rankings;

2. How to design a site structure that is user-friendly and maximizes your rankings;

3. How to make your site mobile-friendly (and why it matters now more than ever before);

4. How to optimize for local search and make customers show up at your doorstep;

5. How to make your site appear in voice search;

6. How to lower your page load time to the minimum;

7. How to create content that users will love more than any other;

8. How to boost your site rankings by using social media;

9. How to protect your site and user experience from technical errors;

1o. And how to use competitors’ websites to your own advantage.

This SEO Strategy Guide is completely free for every WebCEO user – as is signing up to download it. Now is the time to take the first step towards befriending SEO trends. Together, let’s make 2019 the year you will take control of Google’s top ranking positions for your niche!

Download your SEO guide now!