It’s been a week since the Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update rolled out. It is a long-running update and it continues to affect websites that are compliant or non-compliant with the Google mobile search guidelines.  Most webmasters claim the update seems to be insignificant and only a few major websites like Reddit suffered from being hit by Google Mobilegeddon. However the list of losers and winners is not final. Google reports that the update may take weeks to roll out.

If you noticed that your website saw a significant mobile traffic drop you are likely to make it into the Google Mobile-friendly post-apocalyptic zone. It should be no big deal, because Google updates its mobile-friendly data on a regular basis.

The good news is that you can regain your lost visibility score and earn Google’s mobilefriendly label reward. In our Mobile SEO Issues Checklist you will learn about the 10 Horsemen of the Google Mobile Apocalypse and the ways to sweep them away.

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