Do you have superpowers? If you want to be a powerful SEO master, you need them. The good news is that, to get SEO superpowers, you don’t have to be born on Krypton or get bitten by a radioactive spider (not that there’s anything wrong with that). No, in this case you must only apply yourself and equip yourself with knowledge and tools in order to beat your competitors. Let’s talk about three SEO superpowers you should develop inside yourself:

Lightning Fast Reaction

In the rapidly changing world of the Internet, delay is a danger. That is why you should keep your eyes on any changes your sites experience or news that portends a change. You should react to any drastic changes in a site’s rankings, backlinks and technical quality. The technical quality and backlink profile are important ranking factors. When they worsen, the site may lose rankings and traffic and you will likely lose revenue in the end.

Equipment: Instant Email Alerts       


Configure email alerts so you can be instantly notified if a project faces negative ranking changes, technical issues like broken links and missing important backlinks. Email alerts will be sent after the tool scanning is complete, if a problem is found.

Animal Control

On the Internet plains where Pandas and Penguins now rule, dangers are lurking around every bend. That is, unless you know how to turn these animals into helpers. As you know, the Google Panda update was meant to stop sites with low quality content from working their way into Google’s top search results. The Google Penguin is aimed at websites with poor backlink profiles. You can give yourself a force-field that makes you invisible to these hungry predators.

Equipment: SEO Roadmap


The most important weapon you can use against Pandas and Penguins is knowledge. Use the SEO Roadmap created by WebCEO to be sure you won’t violate Google guidelines and get bitten by penalties. Remember, the best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google. Try not to keep that guy company.


Technopathy is the ability to make technology work for you. This is the most sensitive superpower in every profession. In the SEO industry you have to provide your clients with great SEO reports to show their progress. It is crucial to delegate this routine task to a machine.

Equipment: All-in-on SEO Report


With the WebCEO online SEO tools, you can provide your clients with reports about the various keywords you’ve researched, keyword rankings, backlinks, website errors, site SEO issues, social media buzz, etc. Once the automatic scanning of a client’s website is scheduled, you can add a client to the Automatic Report Mailing tool and configure the delivery of the white label SEO reports. You can also allow clients to logon to your own website (usually a sub-domain) to see read-only SEO reports or use what appears to be your own SEO tools.

If you can use technology to effectively communicate progress to others, and make them happy in the process, you will at least be seen as Clark Kent or Lois Lane if not their alter egos (yes, Lois Lane become Superwoman in 1947 versions of Action Comics). If you want to equip yourself with more superpowers and tools then read about other super-powerful new features that were added to WebCEO after its latest service update.