If you want to add value to your products or services integrating reliable SEO data, we have created a simple way to do this! With the Web CEO API you get remote access from your software, web service or website to your SEO reports data generated in your Web CEO Online account. Our API is designed to be simple and light-weight. All output is returned in JSON format.


With the WebCEO API you can develop your own tools and services with no need to manage a complex report generation process. You can use it to:

  • Create new SEO projects and manage your existing ones;
  • Export the results into your own application or service;
  • Offer branded SEO reports to your customers;
  • Manage your White Label SEO tools.

What should I know about the WebCEO SEO API?

The Web CEO API is available to all subscribers of the Web CEO Online SEO tools. The API can be used by software engineers that have some basic programming skills and a software or web service that implements the API.

To start using the WebCEO SEO API you should obtain an API key in the “My Accounts” section and go through the API documentation to learn the commands and parameters that are required to make API calls and get the desired SEO data in response.

With the WebCEO API you can remotely check keyword rankings or get a list of backlinks and site errors with the help of API calls. If you are running branded SEO tools, you can add and delete users to your custom domain, set scan limits and share projects.

If you have any questions on using the WebCEO API, feel free to contact us. We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions for any possible improvement of the Web CEO API.