SEO experts continue to look for correlation between social media signals and rankings. Most experiments prove that social media continues to become a more important factor. There are three main benefits you will get from social media:

  1. You have additional channels to communicate with your customers. When you mention, like or share what someone has written, it’s the equivalent of a “Hi, how are you” email.
  2. You will improve your rankings.
  3. You end up with more “real estate” on the SERPs.

Because legitimate interaction between a business and a customer is hard to fake online, social media authority holds an increasing amount of weight for search engines. It means that when you promote a business online, you will benefit from having active (and interactive) social media accounts, even if you see no direct results from your social media marketing.

From the SEO point of view it is necessary to track the rankings of your social media profiles to know how your content is doing around the web as you do with other Google blended results. Besides you will know what searchers see on the SERPs and you will be able to fine-tune your promotional strategy. For example, you may need to pay more attention to your Facebook account, because it ranks well and your prospects may visit it.

The easiest way to monitor your social profile rankings is to use the WebCEO Rank Checker.

Log on to your WebCEO Online account and go to the Rank Checker Settings. Here you will see the ‘Site Mirrors’ tab, where you will be able to add mirrors of your site and your social media profile’s URL.


Be sure to add YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn or any other social networks you are active in.


Now in your Rank Checker reports you can see your social networks if they are found for the keywords you monitor. We recommend tracking all the mediums your online properties may be found in (ads, places, images, news, videos, shopping) to get a broad picture of your visibility.