Mobile search engine optimization was never the same once Google started indexing desktop and mobile sites separately. When the new mobile index received priority, it served to further reinforce a revolutionary change in SEO. For all who wish to stay on top of the search results, a mobile friendly website is now a must-have and the key to dominating their niche.

So how do you tell the difference between what is mobile friendly and what isn’t?

The part where you want to rank high in Google has stayed the same, but now there are a few more intricacies to it. No update released so far has managed to turn SEO into rocket science, and the proof is right below. In a display of valiant team effort, we at WebCEO have created this infographic illustrating the most critical mobile ranking factors in 2017. Feast your eyes upon it!

Mobile SEO Ranking Factors 2017: the Infographic

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As a bonus, an extended transcription of this infographic is presented to our readers in this blog’s next update: An Ultimate Guide to SEO Mobile Ranking Factors 2017.

That is all for now! Stay tuned, and good SEOing!