The first and the most important task for a professional Internet marketer is to choose tools that improve workflow. SEO task automation helps to save the most finite resource you have – your time. When you know how to automate your work, you will spend less time on routines and instead focus on strategic development and business analysis.

Tasks that once demanded hours of your time, such as auditing landing pages for on-page optimization, examining backlink profile quality or checking your site for duplicate descriptions and titles, now can be done in a few minutes. You can use the saved time to promote your business via viral campaigns, fresh content and social media.

As you know, Internet marketing campaigns require constant maintenance. You should always carefully monitor your site performance and adjust your content strategy accordingly. WebCEO can generate automated reports based on metrics that matter to ROI.

You can delegate powerful but repetitive SEO tasks to WebCEO; this gives you more time to focus on revenue-based SEO strategy and development.

1. Site Quality Audit.

Search engines now pay a lot of attention to the technical quality of your website. We all know that it is hard to keep your website in order manually. When your site has more than 10 pages, it is hard to keep your site free of broken links, duplicate titles and descriptions, keyword stuffing and other mistakes search engines may penalize you for.


The easiest way to save your website from all the mistakes that decrease your website quality and visibility is to use the Web CEO Online Site Auditor. It provides you with a “General SE Optimization” report, which helps you to get rid of duplicate META tags on your pages, checks your XML sitemap and robots.txt file and makes sure you use H1 headings in a proper way.

Tip: We recommend scheduling monthly site audits to be sure your website is free of quality errors and optimization issues.

2. Your Website’s Rankings.

Site rankings are the easiest way to track SEO success. We know that the first position in Google gets 33% of search traffic, while the tenth gets only 2%. You should monitor your site’s positions for the keywords your site is optimized for.


Remember that Google now provides “Universal Search” (blended results) where different types of results are blended together. With the WebCEO Rank Checker you can monitor your site’s positions in all vertical result silos (images, places, videos, news and shopping).

Tip: Go to the WebCEO Rank Checker settings and check “Visits brought by search engines” on the Display tab. This option will help you to estimate how your traffic will increase when you improve your site’s rankings.

Schedule WebCEO to check your site’s rankings weekly, so you can react to any changes as soon as possible.

3. Competitor Metrics.

Competitive analysis gives you ideas on how to fine-tune your online marketing to get more profit. You will need to spy on your competition to understand why your website may be outranked by them.

The WebCEO Backlink Quality Checker: Competitor Metrics

The ‘Competitor Metrics’ report of the WebCEO Backlink Quality Checker tool shows how well your website is doing compared to your competitors. The PageRank of a competitor’s home page is not always a completely accurate measure of good optimization, however if your competition is two or three PageRank numbers ahead of you, it might be time to do some optimization work.

Tip: Add up to 4 competitors and schedule the ‘Competitor Metrics’ report to run automatically every month so you will be alerted if your competitors have done some great optimization.