SEO has given rise to an entire industry, providing countless people with a steady means of doing business. Whether you’re an SEO professional, an entrepreneur, or you just have an agenda you want to push in front of a few billion-strong audience – a market exists, and it’s waiting for you. SEO has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and there is no stop in sight.

However, for all the sophistication of SEO as we know it today, the optimization world is still incredibly mired in a lot of myths. They disrupt work plans and cause people to waste not only their time, but also their efforts and resources. What are they?

One SEO myth that many people still believe is about instant SEO results. Some dubious “professionals” and “companies” stain the SEO industry’s reputation by claiming they can do the impossible: namely, make any website rank well in the search engine results pages (or SERPs) within a week or two. In truth, SEO efforts often require you to wait for months before they bear fruit. Anyone who promises quick SEO results either has no idea how search engines work or is a fraud trying to make money off of you.

The myth of quick rankings is older than dirt and just won’t die no matter how many people fall victim to it. Do you want to renounce SEO myths and take solid SEO facts instead? Then this infographic is for you!

SEO myths countered with facts: infographic