How to generate more leads with the topic cluster method
Lead Generation: How to Get More Leads with Content Topic Clusters

Lead generation is at the top of every marketer’s and business owner’s mind. After all, having more leads means better opportunities for making sales. Over the years, many gurus and experts have come forward with different strategies and tactics to

11 ways to increase conversion rates
11 Ways to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

As a marketer, one of the most important numbers you should be paying attention to is your conversion rate. This number tells you just how many people are converting based on a specific action you’d like for them to take,

SEO copywriting mistakes and how to avoid them
14 Mistakes SEO Copywriters Still Make (And Tips for Avoiding Them)

Believe it or not, some SEO copywriters still write copy like it’s 2009! Big mistake! You’ve got to adapt your copywriting style to meet all the changes happening in the SEO realm. That sounds uncomfortable. However, if you’re serious about

How to build links if you aren't Brian Dean
Can You Build Links If You Aren’t Brian Dean?

When people want anything, they go to Google and ask it to show them the way. Be it a recipe, a piece of information, an entertainment, or a new pair of shoes. Therefore, whatever your site is offering, you want

An Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging That Works

“You need backlinks and organic visitors searching for the answers, products, and services you provide. Guest blogging is the best way to do all that…” © Neil Patel. Each SEO professional knows or should know that the hardest and the

Your guide for the best SEO practices for multilingual sites.
Best Multilingual SEO Practices: Your Ultimate Guide

All of us have purchased items from online stores that are actually in foreign countries. In fact, we may not even know they are located somewhere else. Their website is in perfect English; the purchases are made in U.S. dollars;

Link Building: 9 Reasons to Build Nofollow Links for SEO
9 Reasons You ABSOLUTELY Have to Build Nofollow Links for SEO

Do you grimace when you see “SEO” and “nofollow” used in the same sentence? If you know what nofollow links are, you might think they are utterly useless in SEO. You might even hate them enough to avoid them completely

7 digital marketing metrics your strategy depends on
7 Underestimated Digital Marketing Metrics for 2019 [Infographic]

2019 is going strong, so forget the marketing mistakes you made last year. It’s time for a fresh start with both your goals and your digital campaigns. Take this year as a chance to start strong. If you want to