1. Promote your best content.

We are sure that you are split-testing and refining your banners and messages in your traditional advertising campaigns. The same should apply to your Twitter advertising strategy.

Tip: Promote tweets that have proven to be popular or tell important news.

2. Have a strong call to action.

Promoted tweets in timelines that explicitly ask people to do download something accompanied by a link increase URL clicks by an average of 13% – said Twitter.

Tip: Give people clear direction and incentive to click on the link you provide in a Tweet, ask them to download.

3. Utilize #hashtags.

Hashtags help your tweets to be more searchable and live on in the Twittersphere. There are two main tactics for using them:

  • create your own hashtag and stand out from others (think of your company or product name);
  • use trending hashtags and increase the exposure.

Tip: Try not to abuse #hashtags, as #they #may be #annoying if #used with every #word (as you see).

4. Target your ads.

Twitter allows you to choose not only location of your audience, but also to target users, “similar” to the ones you specify and even to limit targeting to specific devices and platforms. The last is really useful for apps and software providers.

Tip: If you are providing local service or products, be sure to limit your audience to maximize the impact.

twitter ads targeting

5. Engage with your audience.

Engagement with your followers is a critical next step after you launch your twitter advertisement. Without engagement, content becomes old school communications. To effectively track and enhance this engagement, consider using WebCEO’s Social Engagement tool. This tool can help you understand audience interactions and respond promptly, turning your Twitter ads into interactive conversations.

Tip: Here’s the shortest and the most important tip. Respond to everyone. Yes, everyone.