After the latest Google Hummingbird algorithm update a lot of webmasters started leaning toward creating quality and unique content that is based on customer queries. Google is getting smarter about answering questions beginning with “how…, what…, why…” etc. This is “conversational search” (semantic search). Google now understands not just the user’s words in queries but the meaning of these words. Therefore, your site’s semantic core should be concentrated on conversational long-tailed phrases and questions (“Where can I buy…,” etc).

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This means in 2014 you should tie your website’s keywords with your target users’ search intentions. The most natural way to build a positive and conversational semantic core for your website is to have a great FAQ section. This would be the best place to target user generated natural queries like “How to..?” “What is?” etc.

Your website will benefit from the long tail keywords on the FAQ page, when Google gauges its relevance to user’s query.

How the FAQ Will Increase Your Conversions:

1. In your FAQ section you will answer questions that are often asked. These questions repeat users’ queries word for word. Bingo! Your FAQ page will be the most relevant for the searcher’s query, thus it’ll bring you targeted traffic. All you need do is convert.

2. Your answers on the FAQ page demonstrate to visitors how your service can help them or how you can fix their issue. Your task is to convert the visitors while they are highly engaged with catchy call-to-actions.

Tip: Suggest that they try your product within your answer. Of course your content should not look like an advertisement.

3. Link from the FAQ page to the pages where your service details are described. It is a great option to get internal links framed by topic-based content. The Hummingbird will take note of your internal links optimization.

Tip: Use the WebCEO Internal Links Optimization tool to be sure you get the most juice from your internal links and to be sure that your site theme is clear.

Now you can see how your first aid FAQ can bring benefits to your customers and to your website rank score. In other words, having multiple internal links with natural text enriched with long-tailed phrases, your FAQ page may earn high authority and attract visitors. Be certain to use it as a landing page for call-to-actions.