It’s hard to create a daily SEO task schedule that will fit every Internet marketing role. Everyday SEO jobs are different from position to position: a link builder builds links all day, emailing other webmasters, and creating and implementing ideas that result in more links. A team leader, who works with clients most of the time, creates reports. An SEO analyst investigates what competitors are doing, watches Google Analytics and analyzes tactics and strategies. However there are 3 major task types you (and me) do every day.

1. Making a better site

It may be that 60% of your day is devoted to making your website better: creating new content, images, and tools, improving user experience, increasing your site’s rankings, cleaning your backlink profile up, promoting it to social networks.
Today we all know that content is King; we write and publish fresh and unique content for the website and build quality backlinks as Google says in its Guidelines. With the WebCEO tools, you can automate your website Audit – the WebCEO Website Auditor will notify you about broken links, anchors and image links, it will check your website for general SEO issues, and it will show how well each landing page is optimized.
The brand-new Toxic Backlink Checker tool will automate the cleaning of your backlink profile. It will discover all toxic links that may ruin your rankings and neutralize them. If you correct your situation, your website will have a backlink profile that Google loves.

2. Tracking results

That is why we are all here – to make our site visible and to get targeted visitors who will convert well. Every day we should monitor our rankings, compare the visibility to the previous rank check, analyze why the rankings go up or down.
the rank checker widget
With the WebCEO Online SEO tools you can easily monitor when your rankings change and why these changes occur, track your website’s traffic and analyze the results of your SEO efforts.

3. Learning

That is my favorite part. Every day we read dozens of blogs to be aware of search engine algorithm changes, to learn what new SEO techniques appear, etc. We have 3 options to make learning SEO easier:

  1. Our SEO Guide (in the upper right hand side of your WebCEO Online screen) is a set of how-to advice that takes you through the whole promotional process, from keyword research to PPC and advertising in social media.
  2. Provided in that section is our Search Engine News feed (normally a paid service of, that brings you the latest information from the SEO world. Here you can learn what is happening now with Google, Bing and Yahoo!, read social media news and keep up with much of what up-to-date SEO experts should know.
  3. Also provided in that section is ‘SEO Articles” where you will find articles with explanations of major SEO tasks. These detailed and professional articles are provided by world-renowned SEO experts – SearchEngineNews authors.

And, of course, there is the WebCEO SEO Blog that provides you with the latest industry news and helps you to master the SEO process with our website promotion tools.