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Structured Snippets: How to Decorate SERPS With Structured Data Patterns From Your Website
by  | October 13, 2014

What is a structured snippet? Google web search has evolved in the last several years. With personalized and conversational search powered by Knowledge Graph Optimization, Google tries to pick the most relevant data from your site in order to return…

Search and Snippets: Love at First Sight
by  | July 25, 2013

A snippet is what we first see in search results and social media streams, it’s what makes us click or re-share. That is why, as a search engine marketer, you should pay attention to what searchers actually see in the…

SEO in Brief: How to Remove URLs from Search Engine Indices
by  | July 23, 2013

Q: I think my website was hit by the Google Panda update because of low quality articles we had. How can I remove the URLs from a search engine index? First of all you can use the Noindex Metatag, which…

SEO in Brief: Title Tag Length
by  | February 13, 2013

Q: Is it really bad for on-the-page SEO to have a Title tag longer than 65-70 characters? From the SEO point of view it is important to have your keywords in a Title tag. But remember that there should not…

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