Developing a quality corporate blog takes time, money, and creativity. It’s not something you can simply develop and then sit back and watch. If you want to garner high returns from the investment you make, you have to understand how to drive traffic to your posts and push readers through the conversion funnel with well-developed calls-to-action. In this article, we’re going to focus on the first half of the equation: driving traffic. Specifically, we’re going to discuss how to drive traffic with the assistance of social media.

4 Social Media Tips for Driving Blog Traffic

According to recent report, 74 percent of adults are on social media. Furthermore, 71 percent of all adults have a Facebook profile (which is roughly three times as many as any other social network). That means you’re ignoring a large percentage of your target market if you aren’t making social media – and Facebook in particular – a priority. With that being said, here are some helpful tips. 

1. Focus on Visual Platforms 

While it’s important to rely on staples like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can’t afford to ignore the growth of visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Periscope. This is where the future of social media lies, and you need to use these to your advantage. 

Pinterest is a really interesting medium in terms of driving blog traffic. By highlighting blog content in the form of pins, you can promote your written content in a unique way. If you’re unsure of how this looks, just check out what The New Yorker is doing on their page. This is one of the better examples and will give you an idea of some possibilities.

2. Think About Social When Developing

You can’t publish posts and then turn your attention towards social media. Social needs to be a consideration from the very start. When brainstorming and developing ideas, think about how topics, titles, and imagery will work in conjunction with different social platforms. The angles and titles you choose will be very important. 

3. Create Powerful Previews 

When you compare successful blog posts to ones that don’t get many clicks, it becomes apparent that clicks depend on the quality and creativity of the lead generation source. In other words, a blog post doesn’t get clicks based on the quality of the content. You can have a blog post with writing that would make a Pulitzer Prize winner flutter with excitement, but it isn’t going to get any clicks without a compelling lead.

One unique strategy is to leverage short vine videos to preview your post. A vine preview only lasts for six seconds, but is an out-of-the-box way to garner attention amidst a user’s endless newsfeed stream of similar posts.

4. Study the Competition

The fourth tip is pretty simple and straightforward. You need to be studying your competition. Do they have a successful blog? What methods are they using to drive traffic to their blog? How can you put your own spin on these techniques? Aside from conducting an eye test, there are some tools that can help you uncover valuable information. 

Maximize Your Blogging Efforts

Surely you’ve heard the old riddle that asks, “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear, does it make a sound?” Well, you could ask the same question about your blog. If you write fantastic blog posts but nobody visits your site to read them, do they provide any value? Sure, they may give you an SEO boost – but do they influence your target customers?

If you want to maximize your blogging efforts, you need to understand what it takes to attract clicks and drive traffic. In today’s time, that means leveraging social media and tapping into your networks. There are plenty of unique strategies, but the tips mentioned in this article should give you a strong foundation to work from.

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