The Olympics are over; however we are sure the Olympic motto “Faster! Higher! Stronger!” should be a motto of your website promotion during the whole year.

How to Win a Ranking Race and Sidestep Your Rivals

1. Make your site Faster!

On the web today, speed means quality. Visitors and search engines love sites that load quickly, have no broken links and missing images and have no filthy redirects and black hat spammy techniques. Site usability problems decrease visitor satisfaction, conversion rates and also have a direct impact on your rankings in Google.

What should I do?

First of all, check your site for broken links, missing images and broken anchors. The WebCEO Broken Links report will find all the technical issues your site has.

WebCEO helps to fix your broken links

2. Make your site Higher!

To get top positions on the SERPs is the main aim of all SEO activities. Being higher in the rankings means getting more clients than your competitors do. To outrank competitors your site should have perfectly optimized landing pages.

What should I do?

Make sure your on-the-page optimization is done at the highest level. Use the WebCEO Content optimization tool to check your site for duplicate or missing Meta tags and Titles, then check whether spammy techniques were applied to your site before. Then use the Landing Page SEO report to check for keyword presence in all the important areas of a landing page.

Optimize your landing pages with WebCEO

Now it’s time to make sure search engines understand your site theme and know what pages of your site are the most important. The Internal Links Optimization tool has been recently launched to help you establish your website theme and get higher rankings in the world of semantic search.

3. Make your site Stronger!

Search engines say they treat links as votes for your website. The more links you have, the more authoritative your site becomes. Your backlink profile is the strength of your website. However, this is true only if your backlink profile is natural and you do not try to manipulate search engines results with purchased or irrelevant backlinks. Backlinks of low quality may incur the enmity of the Google Penguin!

What should I do?

Analyze your backlink profile and get rid of irrelevant links from low quality sites. If you know that your site has purchased backlinks (we know it wasn’t you) start with removing them.

Use the WebCEO Backlink Quality Check tool to learn about toxic links that may harm your rankings. Then try to contact the sites with these bad links and ask them to remove them. If you still have toxic links, consider using the Google Disavow tool.

remove toxic links that can ruin your site rankings

Pay attention to the WebCEO widgets that show the diversity of your links. Strong link profiles are characterized by a high diversity of link texts and linking domains as well as a low amount of sitewide links.