Which is the better way to get backlinks: do it proactively or to just sit on your thumbs and wait for them to appear? You’ll most likely agree the former is superior by a long shot. For anyone who’s serious about SEO, link building is a vital part of making their websites rank. Unfortunately, many are at a loss about how to build links – and how to get high quality backlinks, in particular.

But we’ve got you covered. If it’s link building techniques you’re after, you are going to love this!

The editorial team at WebCEO has researched the best ways to acquire backlinks and we put them together in this shiny new infographic. Below are illustrated 18 of the most powerful link building strategies, many of which are diverse in approach. Not only will they carry your website through 2018 and far beyond, they may also reveal something new about you personally – depending on how you prefer to build backlinks.

What type of a link builder are you? Foxy, nerdy, creative or sociable? Read this infographic and find out.

How to build backlinks: a link building infographic.

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