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Dangerous Competitor Finder + More Features to Refine Your SEO in 2017
by  | January 18, 2017

Traditionally, at the end or beginning of a new year, we at WebCEO, look forward to our to-do list and check off the key features and improvements that have been released the year before and how they can help our…

6 Ways to See Local Business Rankings Like Your Customers Do
by  | February 5, 2016

Those who run a local business, or provide SEO services for small business owners, now have a competitive edge over national brands, because the latter don’t have physical locations in cities where most of their customers reside. Local businesses can…

The Game of SERPs: Become the Lord of Vertical Search
by  | July 9, 2015

Today, we will talk about the evolution of Google SERPs, the extinction of organic listings, the onrush of vertical SEO and various ways to be visible on vertical search engines. How often do you hear questions like “How can I get first…

How to Track the YouTube Rankings Love for Your Video Content with WebCEO
by  | February 12, 2015

At the request of many of our customers, WebCEO has added the long-waited YouTube rank tracking feature. We want our customers to get real-time data on how well this or that type of content is optimized for search engines. It…

WebCEO Update: the Rank Tracking Tool Is Getting Even More Advanced
by  | October 15, 2014

By 2016, local search will be moving even further out into the streets, with local mobile expected to exceed desktop by more than 27 billion annual queries. source Matt Cutts says he wouldn’t be surprised if mobile search exceeded desktop…

Is Rank Checking Useless For Today’s SEO?
by  | September 22, 2014

Recently, I came across an article about the supposed obsolescence of rank tracking tools. This caused me to think about the latest issues with rank checking. It is true that Google is getting more and more personalized and returns only the most…