Quora is all about building your authority on your industry topic and building relationships with people who share similar ideas and interests by answering questions. Quora can help you build your online reputation and guide prospects to discover you.

Your aim is to create an inbound marketing strategy that encourages people to discover your product or service online. Quora is the most important platform for this.

How to use Quora

1. Search for content ideas.

Writing high quality content that speaks to your prospects and answers their questions should be part of your marketing strategy. Have you ever wished to get inside your prospects heads to know what they are interested in? Quora lets you do this.

Search for topics related to your industry and you will get a better understanding of the questions your prospects have and the language they use. In a specific industry, as SEO is, we are using professional jargon that may be not be familiar to your prospects. Quora helps you to find out what terms they use to describe their needs.

When you see a question you can answer well, write a short post on Quora and go in deeper detail on your blog where you can link to. Remember to enrich your post with relevant keywords by utilizing WebCEO’s Keyword Research Tool. By carefully selecting keywords that your target audience is searching for, you can improve the visibility of your Quora answer and drive more traffic to your blog.

2. Do competitive and industry research.

Research how your competitors are using Quora. Check how prospects speak about your competitors’ products and services. What are their pros and cons, verses your pros and cons? You may find topics where you can refer to your product. But remember, your answer should add value, don’t just drop a link. As you experience the point of view of potential, you can come up with ideas on expanding your service and improving your products.

3. Manage your online reputation.

You can monitor what people are saying about your industry, product/service and competitors. The best way is to set a Google Alert for the query “Quora the Name of Your Brand.” With timely information, you will be able to step in and respond to a negative review, help your customers if they have questions and thank your loyal clients. Remember that you can private message most members of Quora – this can be a good way to communicate with a prospect privately whose email address you do not have.

4. Improve your website’s visibility.

People ask questions on Quora with the same words as they do on Google or Bing. Your topic-related, full, authoritative answers with good keywords have a good chance of showing up in search results.

5. Generate leads.

Quora allows you to see how many people viewed your answer and, what is more important, you can see the profiles of the people who are following the question. This information is important for you, because these are people who are interested in the question and the topic it is related to. You can now reach out to the followers personally and engage them with targeted offers. This will drive the prospects to your landing pages and convert them into your clients.