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Become a Digital Marketing Pro: a Conference in Europe
by  | March 18, 2019

As is the case with every job in the IT industry, once you enter digital marketing, you will never stop learning and improving yourself. If you fail to keep up with the latest trends, what then? You risk getting fired…

7 Underestimated Digital Marketing Metrics for 2019 [Infographic]
by  | March 7, 2019

2019 is going strong, so forget the marketing mistakes you made last year. It’s time for a fresh start with both your goals and your digital campaigns. Take this year as a chance to start strong. If you want to…

How a Company Got a 65% Lead Boost with Agency SEO Tools
by  | February 26, 2019

As a company providing agency-level SEO tools, we can’t help but look at our customers’ feedback with starry eyes – especially when they write it into a story. Today, we have the privilege of interviewing the Agnew Group, fresh from…

5 Ways to Revive Your Old Posts Like a Content Marketing Pro
by  | June 21, 2018

There’s no content marketing without content. It’s critical to the success of your online business. Content helps drive traffic to your site by making you recognizable to search engines, helps people connect with you, and most importantly, it drives sales….

Video Marketing: The Future of SEO (Infographic)
by  | June 15, 2018

Content is the common thread tying together SEO and digital marketing. Want your website to be at the top of search results? Make great content. Want to sell something? Make great content. Since that’s where the two goals intersect, it’s…

How to Boost Your SEO Through Influencer Marketing
by  | April 24, 2018

Awareness. Backlinks. Social engagement. Mentions. Organic traffic. These are all factors that influence your rankings. They’re also all results from successful influencer marketing campaigns. If you’re wondering whether influencer marketing can help your SEO, the answer is yes. What is…

SEO for Ecommerce Websites: 10-Step Guide for Your Online Store
by  | April 2, 2018

Ecommerce is huge all over the world. Wanting to sell things online is a healthy ambition, with more than just a promise of making you richer. However, because ecommerce is so massive, your competition is going to be just as…

How a Digital Agency Raised Its Client Retention Rate to 95%
by  | January 31, 2018

Running an SEO business is definitely a big challenge. First off, SEO agencies have to swim in an ever-changing ocean of Google algorithms, adapt their SEO activities to these changes and shape an individual marketing strategy for each client site. Second,…