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SEO News of the Week: Mostly Bing News
by  | April 22, 2013

BingAds announced that they are working on adding a Search Terms Report to enhance the user experience when managing search traffic. A Search Terms Report will help you add keywords and negative keywords directly through the Web UI’s Keywords tab….

SEO News of the Week
by  | April 8, 2013

Bing announced that it will be launching Bing Ads in Australia and New Zealand. Bing Ads is partnering with Mi9, a digital media company in Australia that is a joint venture between Microsoft and Nine Entertainment Co. Bing’s search ads…

SEO News of the Week
by  | April 1, 2013

Bing added an ability to sort results by time period. Now, if you sort by “Past 24 hours”, Bing will show you the top links that have surfaced over the course of the past day. The analogous applies for “Past…

SEO News of the Week: Google Edition
by  | March 29, 2013

Google announced that now you can use Google Trends to see what searches are trending and spiking across the world from within YouTube search. The trend data for YouTube goes back to 2008. To use it, search for something at…

SEO News You Do Not Want To Miss
by  | March 18, 2013

We all know that the SEO industry is constantly evolving. Search engines update their algorithms and you try to deal with them in a never ending cat and mouse game. The Web CEO development team keeps abreast of the latest…

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