Happy SEO-News-Giving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to all those of you, who regularly check your sites for issues and fix them, keep your backlinks clear and make customers happy. Here’s a brief recap of the latest SEO news so you can get back to

How to Save Yourself from Sneaky Google Critters

It took years for Google to adopt and successfully release their critters on the world, which now devotedly guard the Internet search domain from mortal transgressors. Each of the Google animals live in their own area of the search world

Keep Track of Google Updates and All Your SEO Actions

Do you remember when the latest Google update happened? Did it affect your site rankings and traffic? Should you take immediate action to survive? We have answers for all these questions! Now we track all Google Updates for you, so

Top 6 SEO News Stories You Should Feel Ashamed Not to Have Heard

Do you feel like you’ve missed something? If you’ve been on vacation, we have some mind blowing news that may change the way you do digital marketing and even open new possibilities for you.  Google As We Used to Know

The SEO News Recap You Should Read Before Your Vacation

It’s almost time for summer vacation and all you can think about are beaches, forested mountains and cold beverages. But, there are also events in the digital marketing world you’ll want to think about before you hit the trails. What’s

Platypus Unveiled at SMX Sydney 2015 as the Next Big Google Algorithm

Do you want to have an ear to the ground in the world of SEO, PPC, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing? Then you should visit SMX, one of the top Search Marketing Events and SEO conferences attended by the

What Could the Google-Twitter Real Time Search Algo Do To Your Brand?

What is the bottom line of the deal between Google and Twitter that switches the firehose back on? You must know by now that Google will shortly return more real-time social media content to its search results because of a

Taming the 10 Horses of the Mobile Apocalypse

It’s been a week since the Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update rolled out. It is a long-running update and it continues to affect websites that are compliant or non-compliant with the Google mobile search guidelines.  Most webmasters claim the update seems