SEO for hotels, restaurants and cafes.
9 Steps to Do SEO for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés

The glutton called the digital era is swallowing everything it can. Even the HoReCa industry (short for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés), one of the unshakable bastions of live human interaction, hasn’t been safe – and now the Internet has seeped

SEO for fashion
9 More Winning Tips on SEO for Fashion Blogs and Brands

I welcome you back, dear readers of our WebCEO blog! In a previous entry, we shared with you a list of 7 Actionable Tips for Performing SEO in Fashion Industry. It’s time to pick up from where we left before

Natural link building
Practical Advice on Building Natural Links That Work

Which link building methods are working in 2017? How many links do you need to move your site to the top? Will Google penalize you if your link building strategy looks unnatural? How to tell bad links from the good

The best local SEO for businesses
10 Steps to Perform the Best Local SEO for Businesses

If you are a business owner, a top ranking position in Google isn’t the ultimate goal, but a means to seize your goal: people who will become your customers after a few minutes of typing and clicking. Well, here’s the

How to build links to your website.
9 More Secrets to Building Links to Your Website

One Link to rule them all, One Link to find them, One Link to link them all and to my traffic bind them. Welcome back, dear readers of the WebCEO blog! The time has come to pick up from where

how speed affects your website seo
How Speed Affects Your Website SEO [Infographic]

Keeping customers happy has never been easy, and it’s becoming even more difficult nowadays when people’s attention spans are shrinking by the day. The good news is that you can easily make your customers more satisfied if you do just

Kaspar Szymanski, SEO consultant specializing in Google penalty recovery assistance
How to Recover from a Google Penalty. Advice from a Former Google Employee

Former Google employee Kaspar Szymanski has just talked about Google spam filters and shared his expertise about how to recover websites from all kinds of Google penalties. Kaspar had been part of the Google Search Quality team for 7 years,